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Once upon a time there was a little monster called Vincent. Vincent has trouble sleeping, for he dreams of other monsters. Vincent, a monster that is afraid of other monsters. Is there even such a thing? His nightmares make him sleepwalk at night and someone has to put him to bed. Help Vincent to sleepwalk safely at night.


The game developer Christian Greitmann from Stuttgart turned this quirky idea into a challenging game for iOS and Android. It is his debut game.


The game, which can be downloaded on the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store (currently for 0,89€), not only has a lovely back-story, but stands out through its innovative “gesture-control”.


You help Vincent with his nightly wanderings via turntables and with the help of flying goldfish. Keep him safe from harm while he sleepwalks through deep forests, along abysses, and past ruins.


There are more than 40 puzzles, which the player can encounter in this exciting and resounding world. You need strategic skills as well as dexterity and sensitivity.


By connecting with the Game Center you can compete with other players for the highest score on the leaderboard. Furthermore, there are achievements to unlock for those who seek further challenges.



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The Android Version will be released on 17.01.2015.

The game is available for downloading via the following links:


Apple Appstore:




Android PlayStore (17.01.2015):





Christian Greitmann

Based in Stuttgart, Germany


Release date:

10 Januar, 2015







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Put Vincent to bed!


Vincents Dream is a puzzle game for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. By drawing circles the player can move Vincent in certain directions with turn tables. With black holes he can remove dangerous items out of the way. Or the player can carry Vincent with a pending goldfish over hazardous hollows. It is not enough to only have planning skills, moreover you need dexterity and sensitiveness.


The little monster, Vincent, often has trouble to sleep, because he has night mares of other monsters. Due to his dreams, Vincent sleepwalks and he has to be put to bed every night again and again.



- more than 40 exciting levels

- extraordinary controlling

- tuneful worlds

- gamecenter achievements and high score lists

- iCloud support

Vincents Dream - Credits


Christian Greitmann

Game Director


Anna Katharina Brinkschulte



Alexander Maas



Kim Liersch

Concept Art


Carl Krause

Additional 3D Artist


Ogi Schneider

Additional 3D Artist